Choose Your Way


Not two women are the same. So how can you find your perfect fit?
If you had become disillusioned shopping 'off the rail', here is the solution:
Our bespoke and made-to-measure garments are created to fit your body perfectly.
Read below about the differences between these services.


Bespoke design is clothing, designed to your specifications and cut from a pattern drafted from scratch, for you.


  • Creating Design and Pattern 
    We sit down for an initial consultation to discuss your style preferences and what will make a perfect piece for you. We create a drawing, following whatever is in your imagination, then create and cut a new pattern just for you that caters for every nuance of your body shape.
  • Choose the Fabrics 
    Once we have chosen the perfect style, we help you choose the fabrics. We’ll use our experience to guide you to the right fabric depending on the design, in terms of how they drape and wear.
  • Fitting the toile 
    In the next phase we create a toile. It is a prototype of your design made up in cotton so that alterations and experiments can take place. All these alterations are then relayed back onto the pattern before the garment is cut in the chosen fabric.
  • Fitting the garment 
    The next step is to create your garment with the changes we have made to the toile and schedule the fittings to ensure the perfect fit.


Made-to measure is created by adjusting an existing pattern of our collection in your measurements with some changes if you desire.


  • Choose a style 
    At the initial consultation you will choose a garment from our collection and you will be able to make some changes in style. After taking your measurements, we will modify the patterns to fit you.
  • Choose the Fabrics 
    Once you decided on the style you will have an option to choose a different fabric, or a different color.
  • Fitting the garment 
    The next step is to schedule the fittings to ensure the perfect fit.


All of our garments are made to order. You will choose a garment of our collection and a size from our chart size.
If you are not sure which size to go for, we can suggest you the best match according to your measurements.
You will be able to choose a different color from our color scale.