About Us

MN Michael Nardi was founded in 2016 in London. It is an artisan brand. Until 2018 we were focused entirely on bespoke gowns. We pride ourselves on Italian tailoring craftsmanship and an ethical approach.

Our designer, Michael, took an interest in fashion at a very early age. Being a grandson of a seamstress, he was always fascinated by the creation and structuring of garments. Surrounded by a host of experts he found the secrets of tailoring and encouragement to pursue his passion.

Michael had the honor of being taught, mentored and befriended by the Armani contemporary, designer Chino Bert. He learned a great deal about sophistication, elegance and the beauty of designing. After gaining his Fashion and textile design degree in Milan, he took part in many successful projects as a young designer.

The brand is a supporter of slow fashion. We consciously choose small quantity over mass production and high quality over disposable fashion. Fewer, better things. Our mission is to create beautifully made, long-lasting outfits that fit well. Time, attention and expertise are what give value to our garments.

The visionary label.